About Us

If you want feet that stay on the dance floor, electricity and excitement in the room, and feel-good fire deep in your soul, and the terrific sounds of excellent music in your veins, the POWERHOUSE is the band for you! Soul music, R&B, neo soul, jazz, funk, and everything else in-between, Powerhouse is a captivating band indeed. Their success is not just in the types of music that they play, but in the way they play: soulful, intense, energetic, passionate, and powerful

This 7-10 member, highly talented band is a force of power to be reckoned with, and their audiences are always responsive and never disappointed. When you combine GREAT music, with a terrific force of eclectic energy, you get POWERHOUSE! 

A good band can play two or three music genres. A great band may be able to play four or five, but a POWERHOUSE band plays Funk, Soul, Old School, Motown, R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, and anything in-between! 

Our Powerhouse Team...


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